Have you ever dreamt about becoming a published, best-selling author?

 Picture this — your life is completely transformed by your latest book. You are now able to triple your speaking fees, raise your credibility and are helping others transform their own lives. Powerful, right?

We can you help you do exactly that!

This phenomenal event will be hosted by 2 times Best Selling Author Azhar Khan who will share his strategies to help you become a published, best-selling author! The best part—he has been exactly where you are now, and the strategies he will be sharing has helped him turn his books into a media empire.

Our mission with this event is to help authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

This event is produced in conjunction with international publisher Sabistar whose reputation for all things digital is renowned.

Through our Done For You Publishing process, we support you through each stage of your author journey, from editing and design to marketing strategy and making your book available wherever books are sold.

Through our distribution and sales partnership with Sabistar, one of the largest digital distributors in the world, we provide the reach of a traditional publisher with the personal touch of a boutique firm.

Our primary focus is on business and entrepreneurship, personal development and success psychology books, however, we never rule out a driven, entrepreneurial author with another focus. If you are ready to get that book out of your head, into the world and on to the best-seller charts, let’s talk.

At the Verity Leadership Institute, we understand individual empowerment personally. We work with you to complete a book you can be proud of for years to come, then design and perform a book launch that builds your business and brand. We deliver a world-class publishing experience for authors - and can even provide a Done For You Publishing service - focused primarily on helping you get the job of writing done in the shortest possible time.

This process works with you to put the finishing touches on your book, create an attention-grabbing cover design and turn your book from “words on paper” into a polished finished and well-edited hardcover book.

From there, the aim is to develop a pre-launch campaign that builds you an email list of eager readers and qualified potential customers. The campaign involves designing and running a pre-launch program emphasizing your Book, Business and Brand.

Launch Day make us your secret weapon to hit the highest possible chart placements, which we accomplish on every book launch through an array of proprietary promotional strategies.

Finally, in consultation with you, we plan on how to position your book as your best business development tool to attract your ideal clients and most fitting media opportunities.


Phase 1

  • From Words on a Page to a Book in Hand
    This stage begins where the writing of your manuscript ends. The publication process yields a finished, print-ready book in all the formats needed for publishing.
  • Line Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading 
    We have a strong team of editors that go through the manuscript with diligent care. There are usually 500+ errors in any given manuscript, and this step gets a fresh set of eyes on your book to make it print-ready.
  • Creative Book Cover Design
    The cover design process is arguably the most exciting part of the publishing process. This is when your book comes to life and gets a look and feel that will permeate your business and brand. We run design contests that produce dozens of ideas, then refine them until we have a winning design.
  • Interior Layout Design
    With the cover design coming into focus, we now focus on filtering the design aesthetic of the cover throughout the interior of the book. From choosing fonts and typesetting to integrating illustrations and emphasizing quotes, this process yields a cohesive book that’s ready to launch!

Phase 2

The Road to Launch Day
Now that the book is complete and available in every format, it’s time to get it into thousands of readers’ hands!

  • List Build - Set up a landing page that offers either Sample Chapters from the book, or a complementary training resource. On the Thank You page, bring people into a Book Launch Facebook group. This builds your list and a core nucleus of supporters for the launch.
  • Joint Venture Partners - Engage promotional partners to do an email campaign for your book launch and leverage the power of relationships to expand your reach.
  • Paid Traffic - Set up Facebook ads and selective paid promotions to drive traffic and refine those ad campaigns to reach your ideal audience on launch day.
  • Marketing Strategies - Run contests, do a crowdfunding campaign, or run an interactive experience with your audience… we will come up with a unique angle to support your launch.

Phase 3

Leveraging the Book to Build Your Business & Brand
Through a strategic planning process with Azhar Khan, you will craft a long-term strategy to turn your book into your best business development tool.

  • Back-End Offers - Embedded in the book will be 2-3 offers that encourage readers to explore the other services and experiences you provide. The book launch kick-starts interest in these offers and campaigns carry that interest through to conversions.
  • Driving Ongoing Book Sales - After the dust settles from the launch, which will include discounted promotions of the book, our objective shifts to driving ongoing book sales. The general strategy is threefold and will be shared with you.
  • Media Opportunities - If there’s one thing a book is fantastic at over time, is that it is a good reason to be a media guest. A book gets you on media, people hear your story and come to know you on the broadcast, and then you have the opportunity to invite them to opt-in or make an offer.

The Verity Creation Package

Customized For the Author That Needs Full Collaboration and Partnership -
Co-Create Your Book Experience

  • Deep Dive & Strategic Planning - Beginning with your idea, experience and passion we will work closely to create the superstructure for your book; the outline, content frameworks and strategic positioning for your book to be your best business development tool.
  • Content Co-Creation Sessions - Through a combination of calls and in-person sessions we will work together to create the content for your book in a way that best suits your personality and individuality. This can take the form of interviews and/or conversations which are recorded, transcribed, edited and presented to you for final adjustments.
  • Incremental Editing - Once the structure for your book is in place and the content is beginning to come together, you will receive the professional guidance, suggestions and editorial feedback from our award-winning team of developmental editors who will help craft your vision and passion into prose and book-ready content.


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