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The ultimate success guide comes to life in this breakthrough event featuring the ultimate NLP sessions designed to catapult your development to a whole new level.

Balance your mind. Balance your life.
And be part of the next generation of success in just 3 days.


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17 - 19 September 2019
3 Everett Close, Avondale


NOWHERE in a job that is tiresome, boring, with no reward in sight?

NOWHERE in a business that is eating-up all your time, but still struggling to take off?

NOWHERE in a relationship that is passionless, drifting and doesn’t completely fulfill you?

NOWHERE physcically trapped in a body you don’t love?

NOWHERE financially, struggling and working hard but never making ends meet?

Or simply NOWHERE in a life that you know can be better?

Apple Campus

I was feeling like I was going nowhere working for what at the time could arguably be the most successful tech company in the world.

And let me guess:

You tried to make changes, and nothing seems to work.
You took others advice only to discover their band-aid solutions keep falling apart.
You know the problem, but struggle with finding a long term solution that will STICK!

You’re not alone.


In fact, a recent study revealed that more than 57% of people are unhappy with their overall life satisfaction.

But here’s the point: Changing you life doesn’t come effortlessly. It takes commitment.

Let’s take a group of high-achievers like some of the best athletes in the World. How do they achieve a gold medal?

Simple: They SHOW UP and TRAIN – and do whatever it takes to get them where they want to go while being guided by the World’s best coaches and mentors who have achieved the results they are seeking.

And now YOU have the opportunity to do the training with one of the World’s best, and get results!

Azhar Khan is coming back from Australia for the first time in over 18 years to teach his signature life-changing 3 day program 

Superpower Success, is specifically designed to get you where you want to go.

In fact, Superpower Success has been directly responsible for transforming people all over the world through his book and online coaching.

​And now it’s your turn.


Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth.

John C. Maxwell

Superpower Success is NOT an inspirational or motivational event.
While it may do both of those…It's an experience of radical transformation, helping you to remodel your emotional baggage, take charge of the physical body, understand the mechanics and magnetism of wealth and finance, and reignite your spirit.

You will be pushed beyond your typical comfort zones to create SERIOUS RESULTS, SERIOUSLY FAST.

NOW at this moment, without realising it, you are programmed for your current level of success. You also have the skills that got you where you are. And what got you here, won't get you there.

This mind-blowing 3 day event, will help you identify everything that has stopped you from stepping up both on the conscious level and the subconscious level.  It will share a level of detail that talks to the unconscious part of you, the part laying dormant, waiting to be awakened.

You'll break through your limitations to victory and gain a massive drive for results and be action oriented.

You will experience a Superpower breakthrough that takes you on a thrilling journey as you use cutting edge success tools and neuroscience for creating any life you choose.

Balance your mind. Balance your life.

Think of Superpower Success as a touching, pure cerebral workout that will stretch your thinking… challenge you… and propel you forward on all key areas of your life.

  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your vocation and fully commit to actualising your natural talent and potential, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your finances and have the freedom to live the life you desire, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your physical health, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your life emotionally and delight in greater peace and harmony, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to enthusiastically and playfully enjoy the full richness of life, this is the program for you.

Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.

Brian Tracy

What Azhar has discovered is astonishing. Success isn’t about working hard or extended hours.
Success is a state of mind.

During the 3 day Superpower Success you will discover…

  • How to quickly and easily overcome feelings of overwhelm, doubt or confusion and replace them with laser-focus certainty. 
  • How the human mind works, stuff you won’t find in any psychology textbook  Once you harness your mind, you’ll begin directing your mind in the direction of your choice!
  • How to instantly raise your confidence in times of fear and bullying, so you are exploding with confidence. Excel in any negotiation. Rise up in any situation. Face the challenge of any group!
  • How to breakthrough the scarcity mindset by programming your “wealth activator".  Gain complete confidence in your new Superpower. Control negative thinking and program yourself for success.
  • Find the single, most critical habit you must conquer if you want to be abundant and wealthy! Azhar will demonstrate a shortcut that elevates your thinking and  stops this debilitaing habit in its tracks.
  • How to rise from a slump or depressed feeling and transform into an energised vibrant, authentic powerhouse that engages at any level with people.
  • How to side-step negative discussions with people who attempt to stand in the way of your success! Azhar will demonstrate how to turn them from detractors into raving fans.
  • Master how to apply all of the tools that you’ve discovered to specific areas in your own life, to program your subconscious mind for any result.
  • Overcome addictions and negative habits.
  • Experience and participate in a hypnotic stage show to gain the deepest understanding of where transformation lives.  Unleashing the full potential of both yourself and others becomes your prime directive.
  • Discover & execute during the event the 7-keys to your life’s purpose.
  • Discover how to multiply your success a thousand fold with the Superpower technique called “modelling”.
  • PLUS you’ll experience the LATEST in Azhar Khan’s cutting-edge Supertools for accelerating transformation, updated for this specific event!

Today one of the biggest misconceptions people make is believing that if you work hard, success will come, in fact, this is what we were programmed to believe throughout our school years.
People work hard, some work two jobs, or put in 12+ hour days and still do not making ends meet.

Income seldom exceeds personal development.

~ Jim Rohn

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17 - 19 September 2019
3 Everett Close, Avondale

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."

Abraham Maslow

This is the kind of incidents that occur in this suburb, literally walking distance from where I lived.

Hi, I’m Azhar Khan, ​

After attending 15+ years worth of ‘Self Help’ seminars and reading hundreds of books, taking courses, watching videos, listening to podcasts and attending webinars, I Found Myself Living in What the locals called Stabrador, (real name was Labrador) known as one of the highest crime areas in Australia for the many stabbings and domestic violence incidents on The Gold Coast. The above news clippings were a common occurrence, and that particular incident happened a few doors down from where I lived.

With Over $30,000 in Debts and Unpaid Bills, I had developed a party boy attitude with a drug and alcohol infused life, not caring for my health and spiralling out of control. Inside I was crashing and had a despondency and darkness that was growing. It felt like there was a bright light inside of me that was slowly being turned down. 

At the time I was working my ass off for Apple.  The tech sector is known for it work hard, play hard mantra, and to top it all, management and leadership had changed overnight with the death of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook brought on John Browett, ex CEO of Dixons who did not believe leaders at Apple Retail need to be tech savvy. History would show what a huge mistake he made and Browett didn't last long at Apple Retail with his bargain basement mentality which he was known for at Dixons. He hired retail managers from clothing and stationary stores with virtually no tech capacity and the tech-savvy cool kids of Apple sighed, knowing this would be the beginning of the end. I was asked to train and literally broke my back on-boarding new management who were not tech savvy, or typical of the industry, bridging the divide between tech savvy employees and a leadership team that were struggling to use a Mac. But I did what was needed at the time stretching myself to the limit. Ultimately burning the candle at both ends has only one consequence.  It's no coincidence that the tech sector has the highest rate of youth suicides because when you work for a company like Apple you become obsessed and the mental implications leave you believing that there is no greater company or vocational family that compares. Eventually the pace gets too much and people don't believe theres anything more life can offer. By the end of 2014 I was broken. 

I stopped believing in Apple. My experience showed me that its new leaders no longer placed any value on the credo created by Steve Jobs. Their most valuable resource, its people, were no longer its soul. Apple, in my opinion was no longer transformational but had entered a transactional phase, pushing product and people through its cyclical product-first work harder, work faster, keep up money making machine. History would show I was right.  Steves legacy was all they had left, innovation would take a seat in the corner like a naughty school boy!  Tim Cooks operational mindset would kick into high gear and despite his lack of a deodorant use at high profile events, he would shift Apple into a space that lacked a visionary mindset. So far no matter what Apple does, he just can't shake that label.

While on the surface I kept it together, like most of you would imagine, underneath I was a mess. To top that all I was in the process of completing my MBA... just so I could get all my thrills at once. Over extending myself even further.

At this time I Was Desperate and Depressed with NO Direction in My Life. I Was Frustrated, and even though I was in a relationship, I was Feeling Alone. I ballooned, putting on so much weight that I was having difficulty moving. Those extra 20 kgs, left me Constantly Feeling Exhausted, Overweight and Flat. 

And Then One Day, Feeling Torn Apart, I Discovered MY SUPERPOWER that Totally Transformed My Life.

I left Apple and decided it was time to go it alone.  Things started to move fast. My agency gained traction and people wanted to learn from me as I turned my skillset and competence into programs that would teach people how to master people and technology. After I left Apple many others would come forward seeking my assistance to transition from the toxic environment Apple had become.

I went from Living in the Ghetto of Stabrador to the Top End of Main Beach. I began travelling again to Denmark, Singapore, Dubai and back to Zimbabwe, Africa, where I was born, to regain my connection with my roots. I was training people from all walks of life in my Leadership style and Personal Development programs. I Lost 20 Kgs and have Kept The Weight Off to this Day.

I totally transformed my relationships, starting with the  relationship with myself.

And here’s The Best Part...

In a moment, I’m Going to Reveal to YOU how YOUR missing SUPERPOWER can achieve the same Remarkable Results!

"YOUR reality is made up of YOUR inner most dominate consciousness."

It took me a long time to figure out what you think about, you bring about.

What dominated my thoughts about I manifested. And I decided at that time, in that moment, to do whatever it would take to alter the prison of my mind which I had placed myself in. Thats When I put myself into a state of self-commitment, and suddenly I got to find my serve strategy.

There was no way NOW that I was going to turn back.

I chose to focus on obtaining REAL-WORLD RESULTS.

I set out to keep what worked and disregarded everything else. And while I did this, I regularly read about the various psychological disciplines and sciences for success.   I looked at what made them work...when they worked... and how I could apply them in real-world situations.

And out of this, stacking personality with values, ethology, character, behaviour and leadership, I created the hybrid science of Self-Culture. 

Culture, in all its dimensions, is a fundamental component of sustainable development. As an area of activity, through which both tangible and intangible heritage are active. The creative industries and various forms of artistic expressions rely on culture as an influential contributor to economic development, social stability and environmental protection.  It is a repository of knowledge, meanings and values that permeate all aspects of our lives. Culture also defines the way human beings live and interact both at local and global scales.

I used these technologies to reprogram myself and launch myself forward to unprecedented ultimate success.

Using these technologies, I launched several companies and became a best-selling author.

However something was missing, So I returned to the home I grew up in. I moved in with Mom and Dad back in Africa.

I still had to recapture my WHY. What did all these yoyo highs and lows mean? What was my purpose in life, and what had I forgotten about? Where were those childhood dreams and ambitions that I had lost? Who was I?

In finding out, I discovered that the most significant breakthroughs I made weren’t even financial!

While those breakthroughs allowed me to live in the space of comfort, harmony and inner peace only arrived as a result of knowing my WHY.

The Binge eating stopped. I no longer need comfort food. 

My physical appearance changed and I now released a youthful energy that prompted a family member to ask me if I'd had plastic surgery. 

I devoured more tools and methods scrutinising over the BEST of the BEST in personal development. I studied theologies and texts of the masters and discovered a thread of knowledge that once you know, the old you can never return to the form that you once were. 

But it’s more than that because…

When your Your Conscious Mind (Spirit)&(Heart)
And Subconscious Mind (Soul)&(Head) are NOT Aligned, you repel everything. Just like a magnetic force around you. Money comes to you and leaves you just as fast. People are in and suddenly out of your life just as quickly. You push people away from you and all the good things that are meant for You leave just as fast as they come to you.

But then I realised…

By aligning the two parts, your purpose is formed, you change your habits. By changing your habits, you empower your emotional, financial, physical and spiritual destiny and bring order and balance to your life!

This was THE breakthrough that overcame all the obstacles, that moment that stopped me sabotaging my entire life.

In fact, this is THE breakthrough for every person I have EVER mentored, coached and guided to transform and take control of their lives.

When the two parts are in ‘sync’, the magic and miracles of life open up to you. 

Money mysteriously and unexpectedly flows into your life. The magnetism that YOU once repelled now attracts. 

Your relationships take on a completely new experience. Your heart opens up. Communication with others is open and honest. You see the imbalances of others all around you. And in this empowered state, you learn to share and serve others. Zig Ziglar once said that if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

Emotional anxieties that have consumed and plagued you quickly and easily dissolve away and you enjoy increased peace and joy.

Business breaks that eluded you in the past make themselves instantly accessible to you in the most perfect and ideal way.

I teach many different programs all over the world, but there is only this ONE event that is specifically designed to begin the process of realigning your conscious and subconscious mind.

During these 3 days, you’ll be given exercises and processes to solidify those changes and make them last.

This is why I rise every day! To bring you a stack of sciences in neuro-linguistics, hypnosis and energetic healing… and the Superpower thread weaves throughout them making these sciences work at the right time for you.

During Superpower Success, you’ll learn how to lead your imagination in such a way that will makes change an easy path to choose. 

And then you’re effortlessly and automatically drawn forward on that path to your why.   Like it is the purpose you were born for.

This is the start of creating the best version of yourself and your life.

Azhar Khan.

Talking at Google

Speaking at Google during my first Startup Incubator organised by Bond University.

Azhar Khan


Best selling Author and Technologist 

Founder of the Verity Leadership Institute, Azhar Khan is known for the dynamic way in which he develops people.  An inspired leader he know how to bring out the best in people.

At his core vocational pursuits Azhar Khan is a techpreneur that specialises in marketing by helping companies to accelerate and scale by igniting their brands. Which complements his work with people.

A transformational digital business executive, he creates and develops internal culture that strategically aligns with CX/UX/UI and marketing automation models for business objectives.

Khan is proven transformational leader that drives performance and results with focussed action and strategic agility. He has an authenticity and passion for marketing communications in the ICT sector.

International and entrepreneurial, he has successfully worked and presented in Harare, Dubai, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, London, Denmark and the Gold Coast and the USA, building new startups, creating new software ventures and driving strategic change at companies like Apple. He has trained people online all over the world including the USA, Denmark and South Africa and Australia.

Virtually he has connected with people around the world to accomplish various business missions, for start-ups, SaaS & mainstream business, B2B & B2C.

As a leader, his approach combines creativity with diligence, innovating with quality and speed to encourages exponential scaling. Khan’s experience allows is deeply rooted in the tech sector and has sound strategies for how to operationalize digital transformation. Such a wealth of practical knowledge requires a high level of emotional intelligence to initiate change in organisations, which Khan says he embraces as his “serve strategy” for critical, sustainable business practices, and leadership.

Khan’s books have topped Amazon’s bestseller list in, Direct Marketing, Marketing, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship. The first release of “In it to Win It” co-written with Tom Hopkins was published in 2012, followed by the “The Ultimate Guide to Success” co-written with Brian Tracy in 2013.

Khan has a Master of Business Administration Corporate (MBA) from Bond University Australia and is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP) and Neurological Re-patterning. He is also a Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP – SACS CACI), Master of Social Media. and Blockchain Certified Professional CBCP. In his spare time he goes to the gym and produces digital art.


The start of my journey into personal development, NLP and Performance Coaching

Who must attend...

Does this describe you?

  • You know that you're capable of so much more
  • You are no longer willing to settle for anything less 
  • You feel lost or uncertain about your direction 
  • You want to accelerate and master the tools that guarantee maximum empowerment.

What is NLP?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is currently a highly sought after skill, currently considered by many to be one of the most powerful tools available to the business community. The term “neuro-linguistic” was first used by Alfred Korzybski long before two extremely good friends Richard Bandler and John Grinder made a connection between neuro-linguistics and psychology.   Today there is a split between Grinder and Bandler in how NLP works.  Their differing opinions offer slightly different views on the topic, but are both nevertheless equally fascinating.  Revolutionisng the way we learn, communicate, interact with others and approach our goals, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been likened to a linguistic textbook for the human brain. This allows the user to bypass the ineffective process of trial and error.   NLP teaches how to model and unlock the actions of those who are highly successful and replicate their success.

How was NLP developed?

In the early 1970s mathematicians Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, asked themselves a simple but fascinating question:

“What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill, and somebody who excels at the same skill?”

Building upon the extraordinary work of therapists Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls with cognitive behavioural psychology, Bandler and Grinder developed formal linguistic and behavioural patterns that went on to become the foundation of NLP practices and techniques today.

How does NLP work?

Using patterns to cut through established behavioural and learning patterns, NLP works to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviours as you desire. Updating or upgrading the mental software of the brain through directed questioning, reframing, visualization and re-modelling, are among the hundreds of NLP techniques. What sets NLP apart from other therapy techniques is the speed at which the profound change occurs and the lasting effect it has. Think of your focus as being like a flashlight, if you were standing in a dark room with wealth in one corner and poverty in the other, your experience in life would be based upon where you’re pointing your flashlight at any given time. Where do you have the flashlight of your focus, on abundance or on scarcity? No psycho babble, no showmanship, just simple yet powerful techniques to shift your conscious and subconscious focus from the  limiting and negative to achieving your true inspired destiny.

With NLP, you simply and easily discover how to grow from every life experience,  increasing your capacity to choose a better quality of life.

What you see and hear is what you think about.  What you think about is what you’ll feel.  What you’ll feel influences your reactions.  Reactions become habits and it is those habits that determine our legacy and the legends we become. 

So why would anyone need NLP?

NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language, and behaviour.  It is a way of coding and reproducing excellence that enables you to consistently achieve the results that you want both for yourself, your business, and for your life.

NLP principles are about communicating effectively.  How you communicate with yourself and others will determine your legacy.  That is why branding companies worldwide are employing people with these skills that are used in influencing advertising, the media and in any form where the public interacts with your product or service.  NLP techniques and principles help people and influence their buying habits.  Whilst some may have integrity issues surrounding this method of influence, there are others that believe it is just an evolution of the sales process.  In any event, we can no longer ignore the fact that as we now live in the “Age of Artistry.”  NLP provides you with the tools to master your emotions and communicate with excellence, how you use it artistically will define your legacy. 

Building your self-culture is about who and what you can influence.  This will determine your level of success in business and more importantly in life.

There are many ideas about what’s wrong with how management communicates, but not many on how to implement successful long term change.  Some would argue that the current management standard of communication tends to be correlated to the scientist who discovered that bees cannot fly as their wings are far too small for their bodies.  Literally speaking bees are an aerodynamic nightmare that should not be able to fly.  However this does not stop bees from flying.  NLP, can be described as the experienced beekeeper who ignores the scientific observation and promotes a culture that helps his bees to be as productive as possible.

In other words, NLP doesn’t get bogged down in “what ought to be”.  Rather than dwell on scientific fact, it offers an indepth understanding of what really happens when we communicate.  

By using that knowledge it serves to maximize the effectiveness of the interpersonal relationships you may have.  The way we do business, sales negotiation, a presentation, an appraisal or whatever else you may want to achieve, excellence can be programmed into your subconscious through a series of coaching sessions.   Any business person that learns these skills effectively, can expect real improvements in all aspects of their professional and social activities. The power to influence is a skill that can now be taught.  In the modern world you are going to require the capacity to react quickly and know how to communicate with people of many varying cultures and backgrounds.  To do this you’ll first need to know how to communicate with yourself.  By listening to the wisdom of your own perceptions, you in fact will discover unique resources.  You will develop an internal formula, that with action and can accelerate the higher potential we have in mind, and raise the bar of those we choose to associate with . By managing greater self control, patience and understanding, you will unlock the ability to achieve what you deserve.

Leadership Agility Training

Training Leadership to Teachers, Heads of Schools, and Students in Australia and Zimbabwe

Just a handful of Case Studies of the thousands of lives

impacted by Azhar Khan’s teachings…


I would like to congratulate you on the amazing program that you are offering.  You have given us the opportunity to know ourselves, to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are going.  Thank you because you have just inspired me

Nyembo Yasangwa


Mr. Khan managed the seminar in a way that opened my eyes to tools that in retrospect seemed glaringly obvious, but without being fleshed out in this environment I may have never found on my own. I consider myself a much better manager for the experience and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. With the help of these tools and practices my store (and the team of staff in it) are, in my humble opinion,
now on the road to greatness. 

Ryan Steedman


I have learnt how to develop my talent, skills and potential. This program was an eyeopener and it has increased my confidence and self-esteem to deliver my intellectual capabilities.

Vimbika Muripira


I have learnt to be open minded and not to remain comfortable in myself and the way I do things. I can apply new ideas and strengths to develop myself as a person.

J’nelda Mackenzie


Know yourself and what you want, work to the best of your ability to do good in the world. A very informative course.

Nadia Leeya


I have done away with the inner voice that interrupts my good thought patterns. I have identified my purpose and have changed my focus to identify what has the most meaning in my life.

Gilbert Chris


From Las Vegas to Victoria Falls, presenting at the Collision Conference and Keynoting Summer School for the Computer Society

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