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Discovering your truth is a lifelong journey of defining and refining your abilities and competence.  The more you self-develop the greater your influence grows.  Knowing yourself is the key to influencing others and is a crucial step in becoming an authentic leader.

Our programs are designed to build your leadership skillset through interactive online programs, experiential learning and seminars designed to help you network with like-minded individuals on their journey to being true leaders.


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Azhar Khan
Azhar Khan | MBA, MNLP, CSMP, CBCP

Azhar Khan is a techpreneur that specialises in marketing by helping companies to accelerate and scale by igniting their brands.  As a transformational digital business executive, his superpower is developing internal culture that strategically aligns with CX/UX/UI and marketing automation models for business objectives.

Khan is proven transformational leader that drives performance and results with focussed action and strategic agility.   He has an authenticity and passion for marketing communications in the ICT sector.

International and entrepreneurial, he has successfully worked in Harare, Dubai, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, London and the Gold Coast, building new startups, creating new software ventures and driving strategic change at companies like Apple.  He has trained people in the USA, Denmark and South Africa and Australia. Virtually he has connected with people around the world to accomplish various business missions, for start-ups, SaaS & mainstream business, B2B & B2C.

As a leader, his approach combines creativity with diligence, innovating with quality and speed to encourages exponential scaling. Khan’s experience allows is deeply rooted in the tech sector and has sound strategies for how to operationalize digital transformation. Such a wealth of practical knowledge requires a high level of emotional intelligence to initiate change in organisations, which Khan says he embraces as his “serve strategy” for critical, sustainable business practices, and leadership.

Khan’s books have topped Amazon’s bestseller list in, Direct Marketing, Marketing, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship. The first release of “In it to Win It” co-written with Tom Hopkins was published in 2012,  followed by the “The Ultimate Guide to Success” co-written with Brian Tracy in 2013.

Khan has a Master of Business Administration Corporate (MBA) from Bond University Australia and is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP) and Neurological Re-patterning.  I am also a Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP – SACS CACI), Master of Social Media. and Blockchain Certified Professional CBCP.  In his spare time he goes to the gym and produces digital art.

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