Kids and Children

Master the latest Kids technology and educational products on the market

Providing a fun platform to learn about gadgets and robotics and participate in demonstrations of the newest in educational products for children and toddlers. Unique multipurpose products and cool interactive projects in the classroom.

ChildrenGadgets & Games

From app to books, the section is fully loaded to provide the gadgets and kits that children can learn and grow from.  From Starter apps to STEM products and services,  learn to code and apps for baby, toddler, preschool and kindergarten.


Joysticks & Gaming

From video games to reading and literacy, children are now learning at a very young age and there isn’t a mobile device that does not contain a game or an app that can teach as  well as train your kids whilst they play.  Tomorrows pilots for example will first discover their abilities through games.

Wired Gloves

Wired Gloves

From Medical to Artists the next generation of skills could be started from learning and using wired gloves.  Imagine surgeons being able to explore the body virtually and artists creating 3d sculptures with their hands whilst a machine builds it as though it was play doh.