Jul 12th-14th, 2019

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WHY SMARTLIFEEXPO? / what's going on, come and learn

SmartLifeExpo is a Virtual  Consumer Technology Exhibition and Tech Talks Summit.   The showcase promotes the latest emerging smart technology market trends, products and services that affect our everyday life.  Whether you’re a manufacturer, mobile provider, brand owner, retailer, service provider, app developer, media or consumer influencer, SmartLifeExpo puts you at the heart of the entire consumer technology eco-system, bringing you face-to-face with the people who can impact your bottom line, in this region.

Exhibitors will be able to promote their products and services from the moment of sign up through SmartLifeExpo’s pre-event digital and virtual seminar promotions and visibility options, earning a return on investment well before the event even starts.  It’s the perfect way to take part and gain traditional, virtual and digital mileage out of the event.

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Digital Marketing

SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Online Marketer, DMO, Forum

From search engine optimization to social media marketing this channel guides new and existing businesses in Online digital marketing for the mobile era. Discover the latest mobile tools to market your product or business on the go.


Lifestyle & Fitness

Gadgets, Devices, Watches, Fitness Trackers

Lifestyle products are what make our lives convenient and exciting! From electric skateboards and Wakeboards, to mobile devices, watches, fitness trackers, 3D Body and Face scanners. Displaying the latest products and technology for consumers to see, try or pre-order what’s next to come!



Social Media Recruitment, Career Planners, Learning and Development

Master career development and planning tools and for learning and development using mobile devices.  Learn how to recruit staff through mobile apps designed to track and manage the recruitment process.  Human resources for the mobile leader.



Self Driving, Electric Vehicles, Power Skate Boards and Watercraft Amphibians

Today’s vehicles with tomorrow’s technology. View some of the world’s newest transportation both on the road and on the water. Try and test the next generation of motorised vehicles. From electric powered cars to the latest in amphibious vehicles.



Mobile Providers, Handsets, Networks and Operators

Mobile and telephone operators display the latest in mobile technology, devices, network plans and packages for business and consumers.  Operators with the latest devices and upgrades for contracts.



Trainers, Colleges, Learning institutes, E-Learning, Online Resources.

The knowledge and networking foundations of business success begin by investing in education. This channel brings together the institutes and corporations that lead the education sector and resources for e-learning and mobile on-demand services.


Artificial Intelligence

Home assistants, Dictation,  Simulators, Androids and Transformers

Hit the turbo!  meet and greet the latest in artificial intelligence from the people that have built the next generation of artificial interactions.  Discover matching applications and personality profiling with the latest AI available from your mobile.  Can Siri talk to Jarvis and Alexa or KITT?  Find out here!



App Developers, ISP’s, Repair centers, E-Commerce,

App developers, Internet service providers and E-Commerce providers congregate to provide a unique opportunity to ignite your mobile business opportunities. Master how mobile devices can be used in any business from restaurants to mining.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain Technology and ICO’s

Revolutionising the way we do business you cannot afford to ignore this industry any more.  For the latests news and insights into what makes this the next big thing since sliced bread.



Animators, Game Developers and Hackers

Meet the people that make your games a reality and discover the latest in game technology.  Where the Pro’s meet idea’s and where the new generation of gamers begin.


Virtual Reality

VR Games and Devices

Experience the inside world of Virtual Reality. Be a part of the latest product demonstrations, experience VR and Smart Glasses and meet the people shaping tomorrow’s technology today. Become immersed and experience a new world of reality.



Technology for the home, safety and communication systems, entertainment

Showcasing everything from, home automation, advanced safety and communication, entertainment and visual systems, storage solutions, convenient gadgets and an array of fun products to add to your lifestyle and to entertain your guests.


Drone Zone

Drone Zone will be home to the latest drones being demonstrated

Unmanned aerial vehicles of all shapes and sizes invade the Gold Coast to show visitors drone capabilities. See how businesses and everyday people can incorporate the use of drones into their lives and be a part of this ever growing industry and the future!



The second largest industry in the Metaverse,

From travel aggregators to Travel Apps.  If travel is on your agenda then check out the latest in travel detail.  Master how to use maps and plan your trips with amazing tools and tricks from leading travel tech companies.


Start-up Hub

The ultimate destination for Consumer Tech Startups

The startup hub is the essential destination for any new entrepreneur, tech start-up, venture capitalist and angel community.  Discover the funding options that are available from crowd funding to investment.  If you are a Start-up this is the place to put yourself on the map.

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SmartLifeExpo Virtual Consumer Exhibition and Tech Talks Summit
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