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Make money even while working! Learn to earn from your skillset and rely on what you know. Join our workshop and develop the skillset to build a cash machine that brings in multiple streams of income to your life. Discover how to turn them into profitable businesses and design a plan to take it to the next level with agility and speed. Workshop your way to wealth.  Arrive with an idea and leave with a business.

Turn your Passion into profit

You cannot be a lifeless soul who doesn’t believe in anything and neither wishes to believe.The courage of taking risks usually comes from having faith in something. And, faith usually arises when one has passion towards something.


One of the biggest problems with working for someone else is that you are almost never given the freedom to solve a problem on your own. 

It is always about getting permissions from higher authorities along with finishing mysterious paperwork for the same.

For some, that turns out exactly to be the key reason for starting their own company. Allow your creativity to expand. It’s the sense of freedom, independence, self-reliance that motivates an entrepreneur.

Feeling of accomplishment

For some of us, the feeling of pride that comes along in making a difference in the society is what plays a crucial role in establishing a venture.

It’s the pride and a sense of accomplishment that one feels in offering services to the community makes one attracted to entrepreneurship.

Every night before you go to bed, do you see yourself feeling satisfied with your day work, it is this exact feeling why people would want to work for themselves.

It is about doing the best that you can for your customers, striving hard for excellence in all the endeavours. Let that drive you to start a company.

Personal Growth

In real sense, when you run your own business, you really come to know what you are made of. 

The kind of adversities that you face on daily basis help you become more aware of you as a person, and also helps you grow phenomenally.

You discover how to work on your weaknesses in order to make your business grow.

For instance, if you don’t have the mastery over online marketing then you have no other choice but to cultivate the skills of learning online marketing. 

The bottom point is, to explore and grow.

Sense of Control

A sense of control over things comes across as the most profound reason for being an entrepreneur. Most of the entrepreneurs get fascinated by the sense of immense security that comes in being your own boss.

You feel as if you are in complete control of your work and people around you.

It’s the sense of security and control that helps in driving the entrepreneurial skills of a person.

Being an entrepreneur is a great feeling in the world.

It, however, lasts only if there is enough passion and determination to succeed. 

Most of the times, motivation to earn money loses its race, and therefore, it is not advisable to start a company if you only are passionate about making money.

You need intense focus for your entrepreneurial venture, and only then will you be able to fight the difficult times that are inevitable for any startup.

You also cherish the non-financial rewards that come along in running your business. It takes a huge leap of faith to start a business on your own. But, daily rewards in the form of satisfaction and fulfillment are worth it.

What are the motivational factors that drive you towards entrepreneurship?

Join this workshop to discover how to turn your passion into a cash creator for life.

This fully practical and time efficient program that will turn your idea into a serious business.

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A seminar by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is not just only the guy that builds a Billion Dollar Startup. YOU are an Entrepreneur the moment you decided to take control of your life and follow your own PATH. That’s what we do at The Verity Leadership Institute and would love to share our experience and training with you.

Training suited to your journey.

We are not a school so we skip  all the boring stuff. The training is designed to follow your journey rather than just a curriculum.  The focus is on YOU and YOUR DREAM. Your business project can become a reality.

Why me, why now?

  • Weekend Masterclasses with practical speakers (Business owners, influencers, growth hackers, marketers, coders and mentors)
  • Online access to Mentors and Coaches
  • Digital Toolkit for you to start your business (Registered Website, Audible, Spotify, Evernote, Grammarly, Canva, etc)
  • Access to $20k startup fund
  • Access to our team, they will be your team Now! (Graphic Designers, Marketers, Sales Specialists, etc)

Do you have an existing Business idea?

You don’t need to quit your job, but you MUST work SMARTER. These are the three steps you need to take


Align your Idea with your Vision

Understand your Why

Discover and live according to your Values

Drive your business to your Purpose


Achieve the Product to Market Fit

Validate your idea

Test the market with an MVP

Measure and Learn


Take the Big Jump

Systemise your business

Craft a World-Class Team

Establish Growth and Scale Practices