Your 1 day self-empowerment workshop to create an unstoppable new version of yourself!

Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, now it's your turn!

Have any of these affected you...

  • You spent months or even years being held back by circumstances deemed out of your control?
  • You feel burnt out from putting everyone else first.
  • You are forced to work in a job that’s killing your spirit.
  • You want to motivate your team but you’re not getting performance and results.
  • The flame of the honeymoon phase is over in your relationship, how do you get it back?
  • Raising your standards to be more inspiring and powerful is your choice, you no longer want to live a mediocre existence. 
  • Ignite the spark deep inside you thats crying out for more.
  • You appear to be repeating the same mistakes and having the recurring disputes.
  • You want to be an inspiration to your children, and those around you.
  • You are too tough with your personal self-talk
  • You feel unbalanced in daily situations in one or more areas of your life.
  • You dream of being fulfilled both at home and at work.
  • You are pessimistic and take uncharacteristic steps to sabotage your success
  • You procrastinate and miss out on opportunities
  • What you dream about appears to be unattainable or elusive
  • Do you feel that it is time to let go of the issues that are weighing you down?

Why do you need this?

Becoming Limitless is a profound cutting edge workshop that provides you with the tools and process to living life on your terms.

This is an opportunity of mind mastery at a level that builds your personal strengths and brings clarity to uncovering the secrets of communication in relationships, family, socially and at work.

The realisation of balancing perceptions and collapsing those issues that are causing distress or dis-ease is a transformational experience that gives you permission to create real change and become limitless in life and business.

What can you look forward to?

  • Realise a deeper level of understanding your goals, dreams and relationship patterns.
  • Feel revitalised with a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Know how to be persuasive and communicate mindfully for effective results without upsetting others.
  • Reclaim the passion and ignite the spark in your relationships.
  • Enjoy more authentic and inspiring conversations with like minded people.
  • Be a magnet for people who resonate with you and know when to say goodbye to those that don't.
  •  Transform to a more meaningful relationship with your children and peers.
  •  Master how to put your needs before anyone else’s.
  •  Discover a simple technique to process the uninspiring elements affecting your life.
  •  Know what to say to close the next business deal
  •  Define and refine intentions and know how to put them into action

Finally! Master how to become limitless without losing or changing yourself in one day!


16 Baker Street, Rosebank

Sat 29th June 2019


Fully Catered

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What people are saying about this seminar!

1. “Self Awareness.
2. Looking at the bigger picture and then breaking it down into manageable sections.
3. Realising I don’t need/have to be perfect – I have negative and positive traits and I just need to balance them.
4. No matter how bad things seem there is always something to be grateful for.
M DeSousa – Real Estate

1. Improving self-knowledge
2. Clarification of negative/problematic relationships.
3. Space to think in perspective.
4. New ways of addressing underlying and future potential crises. 5. Supporting and engaging interactions.
6. Dynamic Learning environment
M F B Bonarjee – PhD Candidate

I cannot express my gratitude. I believe I was meant to be here today and this is a turning point in my life. This work has made me realise that I am where I’m meant to be and with whom I’m meant to be with. Today has made me feel settled and content with where I am in life. Thank you very much.
L Merdjan – Business Women

A special message from Azhar Khan

As a Demartini Method Facilitator, my goal is to help people to view the world from a balanced perspective. Overcoming adversity and choosing to live life with the ability to be action-oriented, drive for results and achieve your true potential.

This investment in yourself and your future has a ripple effect that will impact your family and people you mix with daily. This day is life changing as you discover and master your self with the tools that transform and help you breakthrough to success and become limitless.

The word “breakthrough” gets thrown around a lot these days. So much so, it’s almost lost its meaning.

Azhar Khan

“Next stage.”
“Get this {outstanding thing} without that {bad thing}”

It’s all become so watered down.

However, the truth is, a breakthrough is EVERYTHING. It’s the ONLY thing that enables us to create a different result in our life or our business.

Breakthrough is the essential pathway for “breaking through” obstacles...
Internal and external. Real plus imagined. Visible or unseen.

I don’t know what your next breakthrough is going to be and my guess is, you may not know either. However, what I do know is this…

A breakthrough doesn’t happen by accident; it occurs through intention. Only when you intentionally put in place the things that bring about transformation in ourselves and our businesses does the action turn into manifestation.  Right now there can be no better time to focus on yourself and the actions you want to take to manifest what you want of this life.  Demartini says, "You can break through or break down in all seven areas of your life.  If you break down you are listening to your fearful self.  If you break through you are listening to your immortal self."

A better understanding of myself and a clearer idea of how to walk forward into a more positive and balanced life. I feel lighter and freer. Less burdened by life/where I am in my life at present. A better feeling of balance and the tools to achieve further balance.
P Zeederberg – Business Women

I feel life changing in just one day. Attended this one-day seminar. Walked in a confident happy lady. Walked out wanting so much more in my life and looking forward to extending myself – with life goals. I feel that I can repair relationships that have become worn as I now have the tools to perhaps understand my own attitude and peoples behaviour towards me. I am so enthusiastic to put into practice what has been highlighted in this course. I feel like this is the sort of spiritual growth I need in my life. Can’t wait to attract more of life’s gifts. I grew as a person today. Thank you Azhar.
D Vico – Real Estate


I have been feeling so flat and my life meaningless. I had/have lost my once strong spirituality and any reason as to why. I believe I was meant to be here today (I am exactly one week today over 50) and in the past, I had been struggling to let go of youth. Besides the more obvious gains of understanding that life requires balance in all that we do (and I have never felt so out of balance in all my life) I feel excited for the first time in a long time. I feel the beginnings of crackle and pop and of my spirit moving, and hopefully on my way to rediscovering the beauty and meaning of life. Azhar is a beautiful person and I am so lucky to have spent this wonderful day with him. An amazing day with many “light-bulb” moments. Thank you so very much.
V Vos – Real Estate


Here Are A Few Commonly Asked Questions:

Can Becoming Limitless help me with my relationship issues?

Absolutely! You will learn how to set realistic expectations, relieve tension and dissolve the barriers between you and your partner so that you both appreciate each other and feel connected once again.

Can Becoming Limitless help me grow my wealth?

Yes! You will learn how to increase your self-worth, thereby increasing your net-worth and potential to become financially secure. Discover your hidden wealth building potential and change your values to gear yourself into greater returns.

I’m having a career crisis. How will Becoming Limitless help me?

This transformation experience will show you how to clarify what is most important to you and show you how to overcome the fears standing in your way of taking action on your goals. You will learn how to make money doing what you love and transform your perceptions so that you get to love what you do.

Do you recommend doing Becoming Limitless with a partner?

Whether you do the program on your own or with a friend or partner will be your choice. The work processes of the seminar are done as individuals, not with other people. It is however inspiring being able to chat with people you know after the program about your experience.

Initiating Leadership and Expanding Achievement.

The Demartini Method® is created by Dr John Demartini, The  is the culmination of 43 years of interdisciplinary study where you will be introduced to the most powerful methodologies and principles concerning maximising human awareness and potential.

Becoming Limitless will provide you with simple, time-proven solutions to whatever issue is currently holding you back. Whether you perceive your challenges to be fear, depression, issues of self-esteem, guilt, grief or anxiety, or whether it involves a block in taking your personal or professional success to a brand new level, you will get the tools you need at The Transformation Experience to transform whatever you perceive as ‘in the way’, to being ‘on the way’, so you can develop your true potential, empower all areas of your life and achieve even more than you may have once thought possible.

At Becoming Limitless you will discover how to:

  • Increase your influence, power and leadership
  • Live an inspired, purposeful, empowered and meaningful life
  • Transform your financial destiny
  • Set, plan and achieve your meaningful goals
  • Deal with any form of loss or grief
  • Deal with any present or past challenge or emotion
  • Resolve relationship issues
  • Dissolve volatile emotions that may be running your life
  • Breakthrough self-destruction, anxiety or depression
  • Grow your self-worth and gratitude
  • Clarify your vision and purpose
  • Transform what you currently perceive as ‘in the way’ to ‘on the way’

Thank you for a life changing experience and opening my mind and heart to endless benefits and opportunities.
1.  The benefit I received was that I was able to open up and finally start the grieving process for my friend which I did not I had shut down.
2.  I am more clear in my feelings and confused emotions pertaining to my relationship.
3.  I do feel like a stone in a washing machine (that is good)
Lynley Cahill

A different and unexpected experience.  I found this to be a painful experience as there was a lot of introspection involved.  Completely new and different approach.  This forced me to think about my values and how I see people, and how they may see me.  It’s been an interesting experience but too short a time to digest so much. I had no expectation prior to this course other than that it should be good, given the positive reviews.  I expected to get tools for follow-up practise.  This was a painful process.  Unusual and new experience.  I was forced to think about my values and perceptions.  I don’t think time was adequate.  Clearly, this is a process and a one-off session may not be enough.  I need to digest what I experienced today.
Shobna Chakravarti

As a “newbie” to the Demartini Method, it was a very interesting and more structured approach to help attain a truly multi-perspective depth of understanding of our own emotional triggers and perceptions of behaviour/attitudes of those we interact with.  A great tool to help gain perspective and understanding of the issues and people who will help us grow and find the truth and meaning we all seek in our lives. In just one day one can gain a very detailed methodology which one can then use in our quiet moments of self-reflection, unravelling our past, the emotion that triggered certain life decisions and how to empower oneself for the life decisions one must take in the future. Very well organised. Seamless, pleasant environment conducive to learning.
Elene Bruggisser

During Becoming Limitless, we will address the following areas:

  1. Human behaviour and the science of maximising human potential
    Discover how perceptions define values and emotions and what drives both you and the people around you. Master the art of effective communication and gain the advantage and the results you want in your interactions.
  2. Defining & strategising what you would love in all 7 areas of life
    Learn how to fill your day with exactly what inspires you. Learn how to dissolve fears, overcome feelings of guilt, boost your wealth-building potential and set value-based goals you are sure to achieve. Become clear on what you would love to be, do and have and map out your inspired vision and mission. Learn the creative formula that Dr Demartini has used to help Thousands of people to transform their lives.
  3. Empowering all 7 areas of life to increase social power and influence
    You will experience restrictions in any of the 7 areas… (mental, financial, vocational, spiritual, physical, social and familial) you don’t empower. Discover the most powerful keys to development in all 7 areas of life. Learn how to clear the blocks and self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from being fully empowered in all these areas and discover strategies to wake up and expand your social power and influence.
  4. Dealing with death and loss
    Learn how to cope with loss, whether that be the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, relationship breakdown or a financial or material loss. By understanding how to process feelings of loss, grief and anger, you’ll be able to move on with your life, be re-inspired and fully functional again. Experience the power of the Demartini Method® to clear debilitating feelings of loss and shift your life back into inspired, grateful motion.
  5. Dissolve volatile emotions and overcome challenges
    Discover the Demartini Method®, a scientific process that works with your perceptions to balance and neutralise any emotion running your life resulting in reduced stress, tension and anxiety. It is used professionally by psychologists, social workers, educators and health professionals across the world to assist people to break through their challenges and transform whatever is perceived as ‘in the way’ to ‘on the way’.

A wonderful experience for people who are looking for transcendence from life in general.  Gives you the tools to deal with daily challenges, grief and to honour yourself.  Thank you, peace out!
Namreen Khan

Mind opening experience!  Awesome experience, insightful and extremely eye-opening!  Brilliant!
Taahir Mahomed

I can now see there is a positive and negative in everything.  This is a very beneficial seminar.  I would recommend it any day.  I would do this again.
Shariffa Weber

Who Should Attend Becoming Limitless?

  • Anyone wanting to know how to overcome challenges and adversity
  • Professionals seeking to improve results within the company, ensuring they achieve their goals.
  • Anyone seeking to improve relationships with family members, partners, children, work colleagues and self?
  • Anyone wanting to dissolve emotions like shame, guilt, fear, stress anxiety, rage, anger, resentment or any emotion that ages and stresses the body
  • Anyone wanting to develop leadership in self and others?
  • Business managers and owners wanting to inspire staff members and teams to increase productivity?
  • Anyone experiencing feelings of loss, sorrow or depression who would love to be able to move forward with their lives again
  • Anyone with health challenges seeking to dissolve anger strategising feelings of helplessness relating to illness?
  • Parents and teachers seeking to understand how to inspire and empower children?
  • Students and school leavers seeking career guidance?
  • Anyone interested in understanding how the human mind works and the mechanisms which drive their behaviour?

The seminar helped me realise that my destiny is in my hands.  If my positive traits can be perceived in a negative way by others, this means other people’s negative traits can be perceived in a positive way.  This means that we all say and do things from our perspective, therefore we all have both positive and negative traits.  The seminar has shed light on things I had not understood before.  It has clarified concepts and perceptions and has helped me understand that something negative can be perceived as a positive and vice versa.  All is well!
Anna Tsangari

I feel a sense of wholeness in myself in that I have learnt to embrace myself as a whole.  Accepting both my negative as well as positive qualities.  Seeing the connectivity in the universe.  I was impressed with the presentation and organisation of the program.  A wealth of wisdom for me.
In’aam Khan

Extra structure with which to view both sides of a situation.  An understanding of a balance within myself which I thought I lacked.
Ayla Satori

  • Do you realise you can actually come out the other side of these events within a short space of time
  • Are you ready to be clear, balanced and grateful? 
  • To master your destiny rather than continue to be burdened as a victim of your history?
  • Would you love to overcome these challenges quickly without spending a lot of money?

If you are looking for vitality, and clarity of your vision, then discover a feeling of purpose by obtaining a new focus on approaching challenges. Clear your mind and stop the mind noise. Now you can develop a strategy for freedom from the burdens and restrictions you have in your life.

I gained a lot of insight into why I do the things I do and how they affect the people around me.  I have gained perception and the value of “balance” and I am a better woman being for having done this.  I particularly enjoyed the discussions with other attendees. Great interactions.
Wendy Muparutsa

Not to be judgemental.  2 sides to everything.
Rishard Khan

Wow!!  Thank you! My eyes through my mind are opened.  I have an understanding of what balance is and how to view others.  I’ve learnt that there are two sides to everything, the negative and the positive and that there is a point where the two meet.  The Demartini Method is a very effective tool that I can use and implement in my day in day out life, both personally and professionally. Fantastic method, this Demartini method.
Namatirai Mounchikpou


16 Baker Street, Rosebank

Saturday 29th June 2019


Fully Catered

Teas and coffee

Course Notes

Pens and Paper