Artificial Intelligence

Home assistants, Dictation,  Simulators, Androids and Transformers

Hit the turbo!  meet and greet the latest in artificial intelligence from the people that have built the next generation of artificial interactions.  Discover matching applications and personality profiling with the latest AI available from your mobile.  Can Siri talk to Jarvis and Alexa or KITT?  Find out here!


Industrial Robots with locomotion and manipulation will dominate industry in the next 20 years.  Discover how these machines will have perception and cognition, plan and action projects and in some case be biologically inspired or humanoid.

3d printing3d Printing

From teeth to buildings, there is very little that cannot be 3d printed any more.  As machines begin to learn how to curate organised resources the abilities of man will explode into new and interesting developments.  This industry is poised to reinvent intelligence as we know it.

Communication & VisionCommunication and Vision

From face and voice recognition to machine learning and speech.  The AI we are using in our every day lives is slowly learning the best way to interact like humans and provide us with services we are just beginning to find uses for.  Discover the next generation of AI enabled devices for your home and office.