Twilight And Life Coaching

Have you read the best selling novel Twilight? People went crazy over Edward and Bella. What does this have to do with life coaching? Read on to find out.

Bella Swan

Bella is the heroin of the series. She is bright, shy, insecure, intelligent, quiet, clumsy, and beautiful. The book begins with Bella moving into the town of forks to live with her dad because her mom have to move a lot because of her step dadís job. On her first day of school Bella sees Edward and without meaning to she seems pulled into a trance, she canít help her self he has this magnetic presence. Despite the danger and warning signs Bella goes for Edward. Let us pretend that Bella is our heart.

Edward Cullen

Oh my gosh!!! Everyone is gushing! He really is handsome anyone can admit that. Mysterious is what every girl dreams of, and yet, in turmoil because of his undeniable gravitation towards Bella, Edward fights an inner demon: Himself. He distinguishes between his passion for Bella and his appetite for her. Successfully he is able to choose to be with her without harming her. Equipped with mind reading powers it is appropriate for us to say that Edward represents our minds.


Gloomy, rainy and quiet little town “Forks” is our lives. The rain is the constant trials in our lives just as it is an annoyance to Bella.

The Exercise

With all our assumptions let us make an analysis. Looking for excitement in our other wise boring lives we delve hungrily into the story and see ourselves as Bella. What we fail to realize is that once in the history of our lives we were in fact and might even be “Bella” right now. Why is it that people always fall short of appreciating their lives? Instead they put stock on fiction. They want to be Bella because they believe she lives an exciting life. Just like we let other people tell us what to do. Remember the part where in James used an old video tape of Bella to lure her into the dance studio? That’s you! Despite warning signal from Edward you still go thru things which know will put you into trouble.

Then there’s Edward, constantly battling with himself. That’s you also. Our lives are a constant battle with ourselves. We battle with laziness, being tired, being hurt, and pretty much everything else. What we fail to realize is that if we don’t like forks then we can leave anytime we want to. See the thing is, if we keep on leaving all we do is transfer a lot. Life is not playing the cards you’re dealt with, its making the cards you were given win!

If Forks is gloomy, instead of going surfing, garden! If you don’t find contentment in this, sit and ponder. What do you really want? What do you feel? What if you have no way of getting out of forks, what will you do? We are so out of touch with reality that we forget to touch base with the most basic things in our lives that we forget what’s right in front of us.

Life coaching makes us correlate, internalize, and really get into ourselves. Coaches make us do certain activities in order to provoke us into action. It’s like when you’re angry and you do something spontaneously.