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The Verity Leadership Institute

Our Emblem Intertwines Four Heart Elements

Leadership at its heart is a calling that brings together layers of authenticity that a person must personally develop.  These traits combine character, self-culture and behaviours to produce humility, charisma and agility.


Verity gives you the flexibility to build your self-culture using purpose-made development blocks.


People who take our seminars love our approach to building leaders, it makes assembling the pages of one’s life diligent and enjoyable, leaving more time to craft your leadership style.


Developing your leadership attributes come from a purpose within, that’s why we’ve built our programs from the ground-up as powerful, easy to understand frameworks with a particular focus on trust, values, love and integrity.


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We’ve built fresh and distinct programs to guide you and adapt for almost any purpose.  Discover the art of leading with verity leadership.



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Your quest to leadership usually starts with trying to avoid the prospect of failure. In fact, we’re so focused on not failing that we don’t aim for success, falling instead for a life of mediocrity. Too many people in our success-driven society view failure as a non-option—it’s considered a deficiency. The same holds true for personal quests, whether in overcoming some specific challenge or focusing on your full potential in all aspects of life. To achieve your personal best, to reach unparalleled heights, to make the unachievable possible, you can’t fear failure; you must think big and push yourself. The distinction of a leader is their journey, not their destination.

Flexible, Adaptable & Timeless.

  • History

    The Verity Leadership Institute was founded to teach leadership authentically through the 4 centres of the heart’s influence.  In building the programme we have researched and delivered leadership programmes to people in politics, government, the tech sector, business schools and high schools on every continent.  These programmes have advanced to provide overall leadership character to people in the quickest possible timeframe.  The experiential delivery method combines gamification, adult learning psychology and an innovative curriculum designed to create a unique experience that works with the brain’s natural chemistry of inspired results.  Our programmes get students, customers and clients hooked on taking action, getting results and transforming their lives for the better.

  • Approach

    Our approach is to meet you where you are and guide you to where you need to be.  It’s that simple.  However, the journey to where you need to be is a process of refinement.  Once you define who you are and what you want to be we guide you to being the best you can be.  Learning through actual experiences and discovering your truth.

  • Culture

    Discovering your self-culture is the first step in understanding other cultures.  In business, politics or team building you cannot ignore the multi-cultural workforce around you.  Knowing how to work cross-culturally and to embrace the nuances of working with people locally and internationally, internally or outsourcing is a crucial competence needed for global leaders.

  • Method

    Our programs are delivered in seminars across the world.  From discovering your self-culture or leadership agility to understanding your values.  Each program is designed to give you incremental growth.  The more you discover and master the greater the artistry of your leading ability begins to shine through.

Authenticity is crafted through personal design to give you a subtle, confident appeal as a leader of influence. Discover your truth, master your leadership agility and embed the artistry of leadership with diligence and verity.

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